Strip Lashes - Just A Girl by Mel

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Spicy Marg
Spicy Marg is our Friday night gal. She loves a boujee cocktail with the girls at a high-end restaurant followed by many tequila shots at the latest RNB club. Spicy Marg has a spacing between each lash creating a fluffy lookin lash. You won't be disappointed as spicy can be used for both natural and Glam looks. You can dress her up or down, that’s totally up to you! Be more like spicy!Lashes names and descriptions

Mishka is over over the top! She is our 'OMG your lashes are so crazy" lash! She has fullness and super thickness and she also has A LOT of fluffiness to the outer corners of the lash. She is our GLAM GLAM gal and she has it all. Try Mishka now!

Photoshoot Lash
PhotoShoot lash is lightweight with a cotton band for comfort. She is a lash in length and subtle volume for everyday wear. She is the most natural of our lash range and will make you feel your best with her length! Often used in photoshoots for that natural/soft glam look!
Pia Lash
Our girl Pia loves to wear her strip eyelashes on the daily! However she is more of a girl that prefers volume rather than length in her lash! She has it all our girl Pia...So girls if you are after a thicker-looking lash with some volume Pia is the lash for you! Medium glam lash!


*Lashes don’t include lash glue. 
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